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Master Health Check Up



Lab Investigations

  1. Complete Urine Examination
  2. Haemogram (CBP)
  3. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
  4. Post Prandial Blood Sugar(PPBS)
  5. Serum Creatinine
  6. Lipid Profile
  7. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  8. CHEST X Ray
  9. Heart Graph (ECG)
  10. Ultra Sound scan of Adbomen
  11. Doctor Consulation

Examination & consultation

  1. Consultant Physician
  2. On examining consultant's recommendation.


  1. Please take prior appointment for health checkups
  2. Please reach the hospital by 8.00 AM along with all your medical records and reports
  3. Please wear comfortable clothes and foot wear
  4. Please come fasting 12 hours overnight for the check-up. Please avoid alcohol and any food items with excess fat on the day prior to your check-up
  5. Please do not consume tea/coffee/biscuits on the morning of the health check. You may drink water, if you need to.

For Diabetics

  1. Please inform our patient Care Coordinator at the time of registration.
  2. Please do not consume your morning dose of insulin or diabetes medicine and take it at the time of breakfast.

For Females

  1. If you are pregnant or suspecting pregnancy or having any doubts, kindly inform the patient care Coordinator.

Further Information Please Contact

  1. Phones: 0866-2463555 (5 lines) Helpline: 9963414242
  2. Toll Free : 1800 123 0066
  3. E-Mail: contact@nagarjunahospitals.com ; nagarjunahospital.ops@gmail.com

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